[E028] A muscle pharmacist on his way to become a masochist

by Kenta
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The pharmacist’s body remains as muscular as what I saw from him last time.

He told me he established workout routines at home even before the stay-home order was issued. He simply continues workout at home after his gym was ordered to be temporarily closed. What a great dedication.

Since it has been while from last time he had a training session with me, he really looked forward to this with his nice bulge telling me how much you want it. Right from the beginning, he responded better than ever to the intense stimulation that I did to his full hard-on.In the second half of our session, he was in suspension that he never experienced. When I used a gauze to rub hard against the tip of his rock-hard dick, he tried to dodge it but only can accept and keep enjoying it because he was tied up.Well, I think he is ready for having more kinky stuff from me next time.

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