[E027] A real performance brought by a horny muscle bear after his self-pride was busted with his hole

by Kenta
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“No…not there. Don’t touch it”, the boy was yelling and asking me to stop when I fingered his tight hole. But not long, he started moaning softly and saying “Aw~ you are popping me…You are bad.”

I knew he is versatile when we chatted so that I add the special training for his behind this time. What I didn’t expected was his dramatic responses to it.

He simply made me want to tease him more. I took a dildo to do him even deeper and harder and saw his cock getting hard from the stimulation. “Nice…you are erecting again. You can feel it, right?”, I whispered at his ears. He denied it and told me “No…my dick would not get hard from being fingered and fucked by a dildo.” “No? Ok…you ask for it”, I had the thought and thrusted the entire dildo deep in him. “Ah~ no~ my hole…is busted. Oh~ why it feels like…Oh~”, he moaned it out loud and shivered while leaning against my body. I bet he likes it.

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