[E026] Fat-cock muscle sub’s kinky orgasm in his tight hole

by Kenta
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How to better train this fat-cock muscle sub is a question constantly in my mind since I successfully popped his cherry last time.

Exploring other possibilities and pushing the limit in this sub is what I really like to achieve. In this training session, I tied him up in suspension and tried to let him get used to the anal play he hardly enjoyed.

A training goal this time was to make him stay aroused while enduring the discomfort. We turned the uncomfortable feeling in his butt hole into something enjoyable by combining a bathing-fetish element he likes and a big vibrator that kept stimulating his P-spot non-stopped. The sub felt he was not performing well along the process. However, it couldn’t be more normal to feel defeated when any of us attempts to come out of our comfort zones. “Don’t be afraid of not doing well in the process of trying something new. The huge excitement that can come with exploring your own possibilities and new boundary is what you don’t want to miss out”, I told him.

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