[E025] I don’t know you are so kinky – having a good surprise from an old friend

by Kenta
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“Why do you like me to train you all of sudden?” was my first question to an old friend of mine after I got his request for being trained by me.

In response to my question, he told me that he has hoped to have a training session with me since the day one that we knew each other. The reason why he didn’t ask until now is because he feels really shy and didn’t know how to make the move and ask me. Honestly, discussing with an old friend about how he and I may have a great BDSM session was a bit awkward at the beginning, especially talking about many fetishes that I didn’t know he has.

One thing certainly good with having a friend as my training subject is the easygoing feeling between he and I. The trust and engagement can be built in no time since we have been familiar with each other as friends. After our training session, my friend told me that he prefers to be trained by a friend because that can help relax him and make everything more enjoyable. Oh well, what I really like to let him know is that he doesn’t need to wait so long. If he asked me a few years earlier, he can enjoy it much earlier. Lol.

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