[E019] Hard-to-tell perverted wish comes true! Hung twink’s laughing boner and orgasm

by Kenta
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“Back in high school, when my classmates pranked me by holding me in place and tickling me, that gave me boner…” The boy sharing this memory was a twink who had just turned 25.

When he listened to my podcast, he realized that his hard-to-tell kink existed outside of himself! So he reached out to me via Twitter and expressed his long hidden itch deep inside.

I told my friend who shares the same tickling fetish (also my tickling episode guest) and asked if he was interested in being my assistant for this session. He agreed without hesitation: “I’m so excited! Finally, someone with my kink!” Maybe it’s because pure tickling sessions were too rare, we both looked forward to this session. This session turned out to be far more than what he had anticipated!

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