[E014] 筋肉體育學弟再登場!巨根龜頭責初體驗 Muscled PE college boy returns! Hung cock’s first ever glans polishing session

by Kenta
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As summer draws near, the difficulty of holding off masturbation is almost proportional to the temperature. Ding! It was a text from the long missed PE underclassman: “Big bro! I want to cum so badly…” This was the third text he had sent me for the past few days. “Don’t play with yourself for seven days. This is the qualification for your session. If you want to give up, go find another master.” After this text, I set him on mute until the day before our session.


When the PE boy stepped into my house, his baggy basketball shorts had already been perked up by something in the middle. I grabbed it naturally, but he didn’t even try to dodge it. He only let out a deep moan: “Mmm…” I said to him: “Today, I’ll drain your ammunition and turn your legs into jelly as you leave this place. Be ready!” The boy nodded feeble-mindedly, saying yes happily, but he didn’t know how devastating it was gonna be for him. At the end of this video, there’s a small Easter egg. Because of how recognizable this voice is, I only keep some of it. Hope you guys will like it.

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