[E012] 雙性戀台客教練的深掘本能 Bi authentic Taiwan style trainer’s deep digging

by Kenta
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Perhaps it was because of the lack of same-sex interaction or working environment, the trainer kept showing his masculine and straight side at first, saying that there was an urge inside of him, wanting to know if his deep desire could still be ignited by ways other than making love to his girl friend.


And then, I asked him a question that made him ponder: “Why do you want to be trained? Simply put, why do you come to a male master?” After five minutes of thinking, his tone of voice switched to shy and he started to stutter: “I want to be humiliated… by a man…” Just as I had thought, he’s yet another poor male sub who’d been deeply affected by patriarchy. So, I came up with a way to lead him, a way that can make him dive into the quicksand of SM.

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