[E008] 20歲男大生的龜頭責連續取精 20-yo college boy’s glans polishing and continuous cum milking

by Kenta
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“Sometimes I try glans polishing, but my hands always turn into jelly, and then I can’t keep doing it…” The college boy told me when we were discussing how the session was gonna be. Turned out that he had tried glans polishing training. He just needed a push through the threshold, so he applied for one of my sessions in the hope of me leading him.

“I won’t be gentle. You just safely focus on how your body feels.” After I replied, I asked if my assistants wanted to join and arranged this session.


The college boy could take more than I expected. Me and my assistant took turns polishing his glans. He only let out some mild moaning. However, his cock was hard all the way through this, without a sign of exhaustion. Even after one orgasm, he was still hard through everything. Seems like this boy has a lot of potential.

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