[E002] 26歲台灣大奶藥師的極限摩擦 26-yo Taiwanese big-tiddy pharmacist’s extreme rubbing

by Kenta
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Ever since last time’s “relaxation,” the big-tiddy pharmacist has been regularly coming to me every month, either for training or relaxation.


In order to maintain my training quality, it is necessary to do mind training. Even though the pharmacist was exhausted from all the work, he managed to obey my commands.


However, this time, the glans polishing didn’t go as planned. There has been cum leaking (around 15 and 29 minute marks) and squirting (around 50 minute mark). After the session, the pharmacist explained that he hadn’t been able to concentrate like usual. He could only uncontrollably shiver and moan. I told him to arrange one day for a full training as soon as he figured out next month’s schedule. “Thank you master!” Said the pharmacist.

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