[E001] 21歲筋肉街健男大生被連續搾精到掏空 21-yo street workout college boy gets milked dry

by Kenta
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Energy and cum draining has now been the basic of what I do with the street workout college boy. Just after lunar new year, he enthusiastically texted me for the next session: “Other than training my physic, I also had a lot of seafood and plenty of rest. I’ll surely be able to exceed my limit next time!” I could feel his excitement and expectation on my end of the phone.


This session was focused on the durability of his pecs. Using stick, whip and clips in turn, I tested his pecs with different sensations. Of course, there was unavoidably the usual glans polishing. After he cummed for the third time, I stopped keeping count, because the goal remained simple: To drain him!


I enjoy training the street workout college boy. Other than feeling relaxed, I also enjoy dominating him as he groans, moans, and struggles. Especially, after each session, he always looks at me contently and says: “Thank you master, for the training!” I deeply enjoy helping develop a boy with huge subordinate potential.

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