[C079] 肌肉犬成功擴肛流精粗體驗 Muscle pup successfully fisted for the first time

by Kenta
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“Succeeded at the third training. You did well, muscle pup!” After the session, I gently spanked his butt. The previous two times, the muscle pup was disappointed in himself, feeling like he had underperformed.


For the past six months, my regular subs mostly have their specific goals, most of which are the development of a certain skill. The muscle pup came to me for “blooming.”


In order to reduce the discomfort of a thick object entering, this session did not include ropes. After a long time of relaxing and guiding, my hand was finally able to push through. The intense expand of his sphincter made him go soft, but the intensity also made him stream a lot of cum. I asked if he had noticed the streaming afterwards. “I cummed twice?!” The muscle pup was cery surprised watching the replay.

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