[C077] 筋肉大奶藥師下班後的淫蕩舒壓 Muscle titty pharmacist’s afterwork slutty release

by Kenta
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During the pandemic, the most exhausted people must be the medical professionals, including pharmacists. The muscle tiddy pharmacist has been trained by me for months. We usually communicated more carefully before sessions, but nowadays he just lets me make the call.


“As long as I’m controlled by master, I feel so good…” He said.


After one of his morning shifts, he asked if I could arrange an emergency session for him. I asked why it was so sudden, and learned that he was so irritated by a bad-mannered customer, but he had accepted all the negativity in order to love the work along. Even his co-workers were angry for him.


“Let’s make it less energy-demanding this time, allowing you to freely moan!” Soon after I replied, I got his slutty text: “Master, I’m hard now.”

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