[C072] 台南肌肉綁友的調教初體驗 The first experience of bondage sessions with Tainan muscle friend

by Kenta
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You guys all know that my sessions are in Taipei, mainly because I live here. However, there are quite some subs of mine who live outside of Taipei, so if we wanna arrange a session, we have to start looking for the perfect time very early or wait until I visit.


The subject of this session lives in Tainan. We talked all the way back in August last year, but we never set on a date. Finally, we were able to meet up when I travelled there.


The sub had been preparing for this session. He hadn’t cummed for two weeks and pumped his muscles up at the gym right before the session. Because we were doing this at a local hotel room, I only brought basic props and filming equipment, which meant I had to optimize the quality of my training with very limited access to my usual setup. I arranged two training methods to easily switch from one to the other.


The space in the hotel room was pretty small. I chose to do this on a regular single couch. I ordered the sub to strip down to his undies. Before we started the training, his undies were already propped up by the meat rod. From our talk earlier, I leanred that his body waa extremely sensitive. But it was until I actually did things to him that I realized he was totally untouched before. Seeing his intense reaction and moaning made me wanna tease him more…

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