[C070] Top粗屌業務員的破處體驗 Top girthy salesman’s first anal experience

by Kenta
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“Um… Can I maybe be developed on my back side?” The salesman asked after taking his suit off.

“Why all of a sudden?” I asked curiosity.

He went on, only in his undies now: “You seem really good at developing people’s bodies… I… kinda want another skill.”

I thought for a while and decided on how I wanted to bond him and then nodded and told him: “It’ll be exhausting! Be prepared to have your legs shaking afterwards.”

He happily agreed.


I first guided him on some relaxation and atmosphere setting. Then, I fixed his upper body and hanged one of his feet up high, making him stand on the other foot. This position naturally relaxes the sphincter, making it hard to flex. After that, I rubbed between his taint and anus repeatedly: “Try to squeeze your asshole!” I stood behind him.

He struggled and moaned: “I can’t…”

I laughed: “This way I can slowly play with your hole. Enjoy the feeling of expansion and rubbing!”

When I finished speaking, his girthy cock had already been wet through and through.

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