[C068] 台灣筋肉大奶藥師的激射調教 Big tiddie muscle pharmacist’s squirting session

by Kenta
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One afternoon, I got a training sub application. The face in the picture seemed really familiar. After searching his name on Instagram, I got a positive response: he is a pretty famous pharmacist.

正式面談當天,我抱著對藥師+名人的刻板印象(?)赴約,沒想到藥師本人是個害羞靦腆的大男孩,讓我對他印象加分(欸!) 他聊著對調教的想像,我愈是覺得反差感也太大了吧!散會前,我們敲定調教的日子,等待這一天的到來。

I went to meet him with whatever stereotype I had of celebrity + pharmacist, but it turned out that this guy is a pretty shy big boy, making it that much more intriguing to me. As he went on about his imagination of being trained, I find him further and further away from what I had expected! Before we parted, we set on a date.


I like subs who are very different from their appearance, like when they’re not talkative but react very strongly to my training. The muscle pharmacist happens to be this type, making me expect more of this profession (?)


I kept almost all of the session in the video. Only the parts with position changing and lots of talking. Hope you guys watching this session closely. I’m very pleased with how this session turned out: the rythm, my methods, and the reaction of the pharmacist.

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2 留言

10215816616248000 2021 年 7 月 10 日 - 下午 4:52


Kenta 2021 年 7 月 10 日 - 下午 5:10



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