[C067] 筋肉鄰居來敲門 Muscle neighbor was visiting

by Kenta
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You guys know that I always communicate and arrange my sessions and plan B’s beforehand, but this time was quite different. Todays subject was my neighbor. I often see him on Facebook posting selfies in suits or at work. Sometimes we go to bar on weekends, and I see him saying things he shouldn’t say and being really slutty. He does follow my social media so he’ll definitely see this post, too.


Anyway, after I arranged the session, he sent me a file with a lot of screenshots and texts of my earlier videos and tons of notes and training wishlist. He may very well be the most serious and well-prepared sub ever. This file looked a lot like my session arrangements. I asked him: “You wanna try being a master?”
He replied shortly after: “I only want to be trained, but only by experienced masters, like Master Kenta.”

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