[C061] 足球鞋襪奴的空中前列腺高潮初體驗 Soccer footwear sub’s midair prostate orgasm experience

by Kenta
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Ever since my midair milking session six months ago, more and more subs have been requesting this method.


Many people think that being bonded is not tough, that not being able to move a muscle equals not having to use energy. This is incorrect.

Many bondage positions requires the sub to engage their core muscles, especially midair ones. More complex positions require more, such as flexibility and endurance.


For this session, the sub is a soccer footwear fetish. I already learned that he had all the necessities for being the sub for this. This positions has many merits: forced lower body exposure, sphincter relaxation, and allows easy and simultaneous thrusting and edging.

The soccer sub brought his soccer outfit to this session. I laughed: “Now you’ll always be reminded of this session when you practice.”

He felt a bit shy: “I’ll like this outfit that much more!”

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