[C052] Lean dude’s first-time hole invasion

by Kenta
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I often get asked by new subs: “Do you always have to put so much effort into the bondage?” This time was no exception.

The lean daddy asked me just that when being bonded mid-air. “This bondage was delicately designed. You’ll know in a little bit that it’s all worth it.”

In the position where only one of his feet was on the ground, and his center of gravity was shifting, the lean daddy tried his best to use his single foot to keep the balance. I took this opportunity to slide my hand across his wide open groin and taint, easily pushing my finger into the entrance of his hole. The sudden sensation shocked the daddy deeply: “No… That’s…” The daddy stuttered and complained helplessly. “I told you this bondage was well designed, didn’t I? How does it feel to be invaded where you can’t close?” I leaned against his ear and asked. “Ahh… So good…” The daddy responded with delicate moaning.

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