[C020] 牲畜挑戰!一封來自粉絲的挑戰信 A challenge letter from a fan!

by Kenta
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“How can I reserve a session? I’d like to try the magical white cloth.” I receive this message via Twitter one day, asking about a prop I used in a glans polishing video. During our conversation, I kept emphasizing that there’s a risk to be broken by that. To my surprise, he responded delightedly: “I really want to be broken… collapse…” And so there’s this session.


I gently covered his glans with the polishing cloth. The cock instantly started reacting strongly: “Fuck! So good! Ah…” He struggles intensely. I laughed, maintaining the same force, slow and thorough with every angle of his glans: “We just started. Let’s see where your limit is.” “Yes! Please break me. I’m begging you!” The fan shouted with his bassy, shivering voice.


Looking at the reaction of his polished glans and him struggling, I came up with a new idea…

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