[B052] 肌肉精牛被控射到潮吹的實況全紀錄 Muscle cum cow edged until squirting

by Kenta
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About cum control lessons, I’ve done four or five versions so far: warming up, seven major recommendations for noobies, average cum control, and slow-jerk cum control. Recently, complete cum control session is what I’ve been asked frequently, so I recently had this cum cow control session, which is represented uncut. I hope this will provide more information for you guys.


From caressing, bondage, to cum control, we can see that the muscle cum cow panted and moaned of excitement and then squirte (even a facial).

There are many ways to edge. I hope my techniques show you guys a practical, safe, and fun way of playing. If there are more techniques you guys wish to learn, feel free to comment or message. Maybe the next video lesson will be your recommendation~

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