[B043] 香港胸肌帥哥的9連發高射炮 Nice-pec cute guy who enjoys being controlled

by Kenta
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“O… I’m umming… o! (No… I’m cumming… No!)” The bonded cute guy with nice pecs mumbled because of my assistant’s cock in his throat.


“What kind of session do you like?” I ask the nice-pec cute guy before our session. “I like being controlled and overpowered but not violently…” “And? I feel like you’re not finished.” I followed. “I like sucking… and deep throating.” He grins with his white teeth. “Deal. I’ll design a session you’ll enjoy.” As a result, I invited two of my assistants to help.

在強硬壓制和控射刺激下,胸肌帥哥連續9發的噴射,連一公尺外的傢俱也遭洗禮XD 他說:「下一次來台灣,我一定要再跟主人約!」哇⋯我有跨國奴了(誤)

Just watch the film, you’ll know what’s going on.

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