[B016] 巨根運動員取精控射 The monster-cocked athlete cum with huge loads

by Kenta
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“You get wet so easily. Have you ever tasted your own pre-cum?” I pressed my finger at his prostate gland and his pre-cum just kept oozing out.


“I have, yes…” he replied gently, trying to keep his voice down. Before he could finish talking, I dipped his pre-cum with my finger and put it next to his mouth. “Yeah, I like the look you’re giving me right now.”

看著運動員吸吮手指上,來自他粗屌的分泌物,讓我又想到奇怪的點子。「下一次把你綁起來,讓另一個奴反幹你這個top吧!」結束後,我告訴他,「好!」運動員直率地說,看來下一次得找隔音好的地方了XD 如果覺得看不夠,我再想想怎麼辦吧!

Watching him suck off his own pre-cum, I came up with another evil idea. “How about I tie you up next time and make another slave ride you like a dildo?” I proposed my idea when we were done. Straightaway he said: “Not a problem.” I guess I’ll need to find a place with good acoustic insulation then.

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