[B014] Top胸肌大叔的G點初體驗 The muscles dude’s first time male G-spot exploration

by Kenta
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“My body is sensitive…” That’s the first thing muscle dude said to me. When I touched his tits, he’d given a strong voice of pleasure. It made me want to tease him for longer.

「你的後面也一樣敏感嗎?」「我沒當過零號⋯」哇!是處男(誤) 於是我提起建議,把G點調教加入,來探索他不知道的新世界,然後⋯大叔就壞掉了XD

“Is your anus sensitive, too?” “I haven’t been touched before…” Wow, he’s Virgin! So I suggested he add G-spot play to the bondage sessions. And then he’s addicted in this way.


Just watch the video if you want to know what happened at last. I’ve recorded all the way to let you know some interesting interaction in the training. Hope you like it.

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