[B013] 斯文弟失去理智的連續射精 The Taiwanese handsome guy

by Kenta
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“I’m giving you a challenge. If you can pull it off, I’ll make another edging appointment with you.” Before our training began, I challenged the handsome boy to ejaculate twenty times in a row. If he can make it, I’ll arrange another edging session for him. If not, he’ll have to swallow his own semen. The video is unedited so that you could see what happened from the beginning to the end.

我很喜歡挑戰奴的身體極限,直到心靈崩壞、沈淪⋯⋯你可以撐到第幾次呢?希望你喜歡我的影片,歡迎持續支持我創作 如果有看不夠的地方,我再來想想怎麼辦吧!

I always enjoy challenging the physical limits of subs until they milks dry. Imagine yourself in his place, how many times can you cum…? Enjoy and thanks for supporting my production.

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