[B008] 室友來客串 The session where my roommate guest-trained in

by Kenta
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“Why does this place feel so familiar?” The cute boy wondered before our session.

“Have you been here?” I took out the ropes, tying him up on the bench.


Shortly after, my roommate came over my door, and he gasped in surprise:” Huh? Why you?”

Suddenly, the cute boy remembered that he has been here to visit my roommate. and the awkwardness was all written on his face. Alas! He was completely immobilized and couldn’t even cover his hard-on with his hands…


“Can I be your assistant today?” My roommate suddenly said.

The cute boy stared at me, eye wide open.

“No problem,” I answered without hesitation.

I only found out later that the stare from the cute boy was a plea for me to say no. LOL!

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