[B007] 西裝肌肉男在好友面前狂噴3連發 Suited stud trained in front of his friend. Bursting three loads

by Kenta
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I have a hypothesis: “Is it true that the more muscled, the sluttier?” Just when I was thinking, the muscle stud burst another load, which was the third load.

“I can’t… I’m about to be broken…” He whispered.


“You’re wild! Shot it all the way onto my head even at the third time!” My sporty assistant boy wiped the cum from his hair. He was specifically asked by the muscle stud to assist in this session.


I have to say, the sporty boy’s tongue work was very trained. The muscle stud continuously moaned and struggled. It seems like I’ve let yet another man into this. Correction: two men.

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